'love' 'truelove' 'iloveyou' 'becauseiloveyou' 'datingabuse'

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I met a stranger n the dark We talked and talked, till sunrise come. Together, we had a love spark Glisten in his eyes made me numb. Everything is alright with you, Then I know this can be true.  
You always called everything about me pretty. If my lips are pretty why'd you ever taste the pair of another as if you were sampling flavors? Did you get tired of the same old flavor?
"Because I love you, you need to stop talking your friends." "Because I love you, I should be your only worry." "Becasue I love you, you have to let me touch you." "Because I love you, it wasn't rape."
“i curse at you because i love you.”   “i won’t kill myself because i love you.”   “i hated you because i love you.”   “i fucked you when you were passed out
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