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He brings danger before me A story of a lover an a fool A story how painful love can be- A story of life is far too cruel The two souls wished to keep their courtship pale His genocidal urges were now set
To dream or not to dream; that is the question. Would it be best to live the life of a puppet, studying hard, following rules, doing everything based on a schedule,
To go or not to go- that is the question: Whether it is the early morning rise That keeps the head in a groggy state Or the thrill of the heart pounding And, by opposing, wakes us. To wake, to go-
To cheer or not to cheer risk the pain and injuries compete or sit out not qualifying, no more national title, keep it or let it slip away, up against the best, to go or not to go,
When the sky looks haunted and the night reeks of death Where can one turn? Sleepless nights and restless days of doing nothing But feeding my endless craves   Never satiated  
The soliloquies in my heart and in my brain are begging to be released shouting loud, their words manifested on paper relinquishing all that has been trapped, like a caged bird or swirling wind in a cave.
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