Once Upon a time Scholarship Slam

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Once upon a time, Under the sea, There was just you and me. Wandering instead of bedtime, Mine own, daughter of Triton, Left me frightened,
Dirty, dusty, and a mess, juice is spilled all over my dress. Rushing to clean from here to there, I have no fresh clothes to wear.
What I was expecting, was not her at all, My heart beating until it falls.  The hole that was held for many years in between, Has finally opened with her chasing the Hare for his ring.  
Once upon a time, John Smith talked about "savages", and Pocahontas said, "bitch what?" Once upon a time, Sleeping Beauty woke from her sleep, looking at Prince Charming and said,
Born with blood royal And blessed with fairy wishes, A young girl was to grow into a lovely woman But was tainted with one’s cursed kisses.   No matter the spoils or words of roses
Once Upon a Time, my brother was my best friend. Then, one day the friendship came to an end. Only one of us could be ruler of the kingdom. I though I saw my chance to freedom- "Ursula Queen of the Sea".
Once upon a time In a land not so far away Where the balance of good and bad Forever sway   But what would happen
Adali offered Father’s stranger more wine. We all knew he’d accept. On our way to the woods though,
Dad,  The amount of times I've been called little Told I can't go outside the kingdom Swim to see the sweet sunset take over It's maddening All I want is freedom; a voice for myself
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman with a wicked, wicked stepdaughter. Lady Termaine was an angel while Ella was her devil.
Congratulations You’ve made it this far so far And I know you’ve made a lot Of mistakes But I still find reasons To love you because I know you try You have always been there For me
I'm over the princess waiting for the prince.   Just so he can bend over and wake her with a kiss. You been locked in a tower for god knows how long, and the first thing you want is to be kissed by a frog.
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