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The super mother— Infinity  Universe Calls stars  for the leap of all creatures  Within individual Paradise  A long trek of time 
WHEREAS, the accenting mist kiss the skies as the sun warms the snow-capped rise I love you; and
I’ll always remember the first time you smiled at me. It wasn’t the soft curve of your mouth, Ii was the sparkle in your eyes. It lit you up.    Like nectar for a bee, it drew me to you.
Your lips – Gateway to your heart – So thin, so pink, so tender, Like rose petals; Wet are they not with dew But with nectar, The eternal and the sweetest amrita.
I don't care about how your lips look like but for me your pink lips are unending waterfall of sweet nectar that I wish to suck to quench thirst of my distraught mind I wish to fall asleep
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