; parents; abandonment; finished; leaving; divorce

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Your presence was rare  It's like you never even cared Just could not be shared  
You will never understand how damaging it was for a child to hear her father sobbing at night. To find letters from him begging you to stay. My father is, and always will be, my hero.
  I hope I canStay here all by myselfNot gonna cry and feeling all aloneand stay alive I hope I canto get trough all of this with my strengthsBut I hope you knowthat I can't live without you
Why do I work all day? Why do I not show up for dinner? Why do I not go to your games? Why do I never seem to be there when you need be? When I know you won't understand, That not everything is nice.
I’m disaponted in you. I was apppontied to a posion in your life that I am now stuck in, stuck deep in the holes of your lies, intake, your mistakes; that I am being blamed for;
SEPARATION ~Linus   Here they go again All these fights won't ever end The kids are crying. There's no more trying. And your job needs you to work late I see you walking out the door
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