Long Distance Relationships

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Sometimes I wonder How you can manage to make me feel So much of everything The tears The heart wrenching sobs The shaking that wracks the frame of my body
“Hey, why do you do this?” You asked me. Why was it that I, a mere stranger. Spent my days saying hello, good morning, and good night. Never sure if you would ever reply,
There is nothing wrong with the way I love. Just because you don't approve. There are millions of people in this world for a reason. Not meeting them would just be rude.  So what, he lives far away.
He keeps me up
You're far away. We're miles apart. Yet, even so, you still have my heart. You're the one that I dream of, late at night.
as the leaves turn to orange and the sky turns pink, the world begins to quiet.  to silence the calm whistles in the wind.  your cold breathe in the brisk fall air, calling to me.
And it's all I can do Not to drift off thinking of you You are the smoke and the fog In my brain, in my gears and kogs And yet, when you're here All my low hanging clouds clear And it's all I can do
At ev’ry distance across the globe Tis only as big as thy thumb Deep in my memory my thoughts do probe As a chill begs my fingers go numb
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