Affordability of college

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I'm not a real poet. I 'm just a broke college student, Looking for an easy way to get out of debt.   I'm not a real poet. I just want to avoid taking out loans,
My life and education come at a price but I can pay for neither As a Christin I believe that Jesus paid for my life on the cross Trying to find money for my educatin has become a coin toss
All I need is money,  I’m told everyday,  By teachers, parents, everyone,  Just what I need to pay,  To go to school, to get to eat, 
I was the girl no one cared existed, the girl alone, because I was the girl everyone resented. The young black girl, so shy and frail. Afraid when situations got worse, like living in hell.
  I have the essentials, that many people cannot rely on food shelter water air
Its like my mind fell off a plane into needle tips 
In 10 days more high school is behind me, I'm 'Bama bound. that's where you'll find me. We can hardly afford it, so my family abhorred it, After all my hard work, who's there to reward it.
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