economic hardship

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How can we see this through, Rates rising, Inflation too, How much more, Can we take from you?   Blame the war, A far gone place, Energy crisis, In your face.  
Dear Jane, I said I would write to you, so here it is. I want to say a lot of things I can't possibly fit on a page. Things I can’t think off of the top of my head right this second.
When I was 5, I stood with my hand on my heart and recited words I didn’t understand-the pledge of allegiance-to a country that threatened to deport my best friend and their family.
America the beautifulAmerica the greatA land o'errun with povertyA land so filled with hate
Denying my strong suits every aspiration strong enough to motivate two young arms and a heart clutching for success In a world so full of pressure all fallen on my chest. Each lungful of desperation
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