bittersweet love

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I fell in love by the shore. Nose wide open. In a cool curve I felt a ripple of bliss. Through my eyes I followed every motion. Every gleam that shown through vibrant hue. The echo of true loves kiss.
My heart racing with excitement, I impatiently waited for a response When the phone in my hand buzzed, I giggled involuntarily And eagerly opened the new message
Bending down to pull me up From my own pit-had some bad luck; Out of my mind, must be a trap. I’ve lost myself. And you’re the map.  
Eventually I saw the error of my ways. I tried to keep you all locked up inside a metal cage. I wanted you to be all mine forever and some more,
You were my Joker,I was your Harley,We kicked it together,Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.
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