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What is love, is it free for everyone Or is it ethereal and abhored What is love, is it a birthright ignored Or is it a gift granted by the Son  
tell me the difference between you and I while society explains to us that with our own eyes we're to expect greatness from wealth while the poor focus on being fly BUT WHY? tell me why
Beware my stream of consciousness Kill your bloated self-confidence Like a rope around your throat Or a .30 aimed at your noggin This rhyme flow is undisputed these verses go undefeated
Our darkened skin this phase which is the most prime phase will never end love your skin God created you in, with all that melanin we will never become evanescent
what is a beat   dusk to dawn   settled down influenced by the near uprising peaceful. safe. chained within
Dear Listeners,   We find it worthwhile, To tell you that, He was a father, But he was Black. He was a husband,
From the ages of 6 to 18. The main motive is to work for your masters. Now that's 12 years a slave.
Even when I close my eyes, I can still see the fists wildly being thrashed at me Even when I cover my ears, I can still hear the spits of insults and names being flung at me Even when I touch my skin
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