All I Need Scholarship Poetry

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My love for you grows like the old oak tree, But thou followed the tempt of lone's dark day. Love, all I ask of you, return to me.   As I watch the merciless path take thee,
The thing I need, is what I fear the most. Hidden behind trees of regret, lost in a forest of worry  and need. I need freedom,          liberation,                   and space,
There is one thing I absolutely need A friend Someone who is close to me Someone to talk to, someone who cares Someone who is always there to dry my tears A friend
when it comes to rain just feels as no one cares...... dont feel so sad cause im here but i just fail the test mabey next time but when im with you guys i fell nothing can stop me now not me
What is your reason? What makes you get up every morning? What keeps you above the water?   Daily tasks cause us to sink We begin to drown in the every day Holding signifigance seems nearly impossible
On a crash flight to an open ocean, Survived only one awoken by the commotion. Only a pen and journal survive, Making all she needs to thrive. She found herself to be, Emotionally free.
I can't live without            hands.  Hands.             (Are you real?) Romancers to my lips,  reminders of God,  they are shadows in my bedroom, 
All I need on this deserted island is. I could have clean water or cheese wiz But I just want a friend to quiz A friend to hold to cuddle to love One that fits to me like a glove
Washed away,  thrown away, they’re not so different. And I don’t need much.Washed away, cast away, thrown away, gone away, I just need one thing.     I don’t need time,
All I need, half the time I don’t know what I need. But I know I need air to breathe and room to grow like a flower. I know I need to sleep but I always find myself sitting under the stars saying I need to finish another episode on Netflix.
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