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Redundancy Is ... A Horrible Thing ... !!! But ... Who Are The Ones ... ? That Most FEEL THE STING ... ?!? THOSE Who CONTROL .... The Employment ... " Bullring " ... ?!?
The sound of keys on a key board with the sounds of telephones makes my brain want to pop. Sitting down in a chair, spinning from side to side I am very bored I wish this day will stop.
When I look at people I see their shirts. I do not know their name or where they come from
interesting, the value of a penny it takes exactly one hundred and twenty five pennies to get on a bus  today I have a puddle of pennies a couple of quarters a dime and five nickels
"Excuse me, is the manager here?Why?(You should be able to tell by how I'm dressed but..)I'm following up on a job application..Ok thanks.." Hello, my name is [Your name here]
Gazing into the bowels of the beast known as Boomtown I watch as its victims succumb to the temptations The depravations The unending depreciation Of small-town America All sparked by a foul-smelling black fuel.
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