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You will leave me, we will part, We will bid our last goodbyes.  There will be lonely nights, And days of missing, But not now.  Because right now I am here, And you are here In my arms.
Will that new car make you happy? Can the latest and greatest phone  make you feel less alone? Materialistic things we want give us a smile. But they are merely just temporary tattoos that
Wake up for school.Seven hours of class,Two hours of nap,Three hours of sleep. I walk upon the clouds,Sail past the horizon,Reach for the stars,And become the hero.
Silhouetted trees Line dusked beach skies, As subtle breeze Blows, All is calm, Earth sighs.
It floats in on the breeze, to try to gain it is to chase the wind. you cannot work towards peace, you have to be willing to surrender.
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