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The Handbook For Generational Hereditary Addiction One: Don't do drugs.  Yes, that includes weed and alcohol. Two: If you do smoke or drink, be prepared for the 'gateway drug' lecture
How are you? Im fine. Are you sure? Im fine.  You look sad though... Im fine. So no cravings?  Im fine. 
Once upon a time Or more like once upon a rhyme It is a surprise to me that no one ever asked “Why didn’t Cinderella stick up for herself?” Instead of get thrown about, bashed
      Farewell to my country Farewell to my home Farewell to the beaches and hills where I roam  Farewell to my country if Trump is elected
Take this kiss upon the brow! And in parting from you now, Thus must let me avow: You are not wrong, who deem, That my days have been a dream Yet if Hope has flown away In a night, or in a day,
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