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Why does the songbird Always fly away When winter comes?
I love to listenfrom nature's soundto a man's word.Sometimes, I think Ishould get aSong Bird
She is a songbird Outside my window. She polishes my spring mornings With her soft serenades.   When the cold slips back in, Her and her songs fly far away.
Today, the knuckles of a tattooed waiter read  The same word from my thought unsaid. Yesterday, every parcel of the wind chime I rang  fell apart over and over again.   Visions of my future 
He taught her how to fly and soar only to break her wing. And he could've saved her when she fell but decided to do nothing.   Instead he locked her in a cage, refused to tend her wing.
She spreads her wings Ready to fly Singing songs of many things All about how we'll never die I see my dreams I wake at dawn Just hoping she sings Though I know she's gone
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