back to school slam

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Sometimes addiction becomes temptation sitting on my tongue, like the man in the moon, calling a brotherhood like something I've never known because that's the only thing I can trace back to my loneliness, I am solitude born from cracked streets a
The world is silent and tired,having borne the weight of a thousand restless soulsand the window pane shivers as the night drags on and I feelalmost sorrybut I can see little diamonds coruscating in the darkness,constellations dancing a story olde
Let the grind begin, There seems to be no way to win. From school, to sports, to homework, Their parents are hiding the knives and forks.
I write this poem for the kids with three textbooks in their backpack everyday   because scoliosis is a term coined by the public school system because of constant inactivity and what feels like early onset arthritis
In September, I walked into a supermarket Fairly nondescript, Looking for some kind of Back-to-School kit.   The banner hangs limp, languid, A lame flag lolling on lengths of lemon tinted line,
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