body positivity movement

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  It was a Friday morning people were happy all was well. You sat there, interacting with your friends I wanted  to say hi yet All I thought was nevermind  A word to the wise, life comes easy with a helping hand. So tell me your fears and I'll mak
My home moved often, a trailer one day, the next a house and the last a home But I lived in my body A home that I hated and a home that I couldn't escape My ribs; a locked cage to prison a soul
All I need is that little push, That little look in the mirror in the early morning. The look that says:   "I can't live without you, You collection of cells with your lovely curves.
There is a woman in my mind whoseshell grows and crumbles, collapsesand is rebornendlessly. A statue, a castlein some ancient landthat was first etched on archaic blueprints and
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