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I. They tell me that I am so lucky to be Korean. My friends pour their hearts out over celebrities that I cannot relate to My parents tell me of traditions that I never took part in
Traveling and language learning are my passions;So I do it as much as possible.From skimping out on homework to study KoreanTo studying abroad in Japan and Seoul in the summer of '16The excitement never ends
Know that parental and financial conditions, flew me to another nation, where words must go under translation. Ordained to this situation, I progessed through error and correction,
(poems go here) Ever since I was a young boy My father would tell me to grow up to be a junzi Perfect man, gentleman scholar Cultivate myself morally Treat others with kindness Protect my family
It hurts to think about you Day or night, rain or shine I don't know what to say I love you; I hate you Your mistake, your love, but why?
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