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My hushed breath whispers to burlap sails on distant seas, Wrenched from my teeth and thrown to the breeze like confetti, In the flailing arms of cerulean waves;   Filling my cavities with the hollow sighs of whales
to think he made himselfwithout the helpof an Olympian Godwho molded men from clay.  nor did he risefrom bone and ashor the fires of Hell. he did not comefrom the seawith a pod of vengeful whalesfor an army. he was not bornholding a silver spoonor
Through the ocean I soar Bue water like air under my fins I open my maw to feast Letting baleen filter out the brine Year after year I skim the waters My size serving as my insurance
The Northern Atlantic Right Whale  was nearly driven to extinction by whalers who killed them  because they were the easiest whale to hunt.    In today's society,
In my community We have many manatee, We need to protect the sea cow And I can tell you how,
We are the pod of the sea. We glide through oceans effortlessly. We are approaching our destination,
Far down the glistening ocean We heard the sound of a whale So loud that no one can tell, passing closeby our boat We peered down to see the shimmer of millions of bioluminescent  plankton
A squinting fisherman whispers, come strangers, deep battles, afternoon hostility, emerging whales with white tails, chase the horizon
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