I Am Scholarship Slam

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The world in which we currently live can bring us down so we must stand up   The world in which we currently see has taken its toll on people like you and me  
I remember every day that we would spend together. I let it get the best of me cause I can still feel your hands hold mine when you were scared. The tone of your voice when you'd cry on the phone. Your swelled eyes when you'd stare at me. 
(x,y) In whatever before there was, the before that we don't remember, did I know where my life would take me?
I am the kid who sits alone Not because I have to but I want to I watch people with their friends talking And gossiping about who likes who And laughing at the jokes each of them make While I sit and watch
As dawn breaks across the sky,  its colors charm my dismal eyes.  I sit here, listless, wandering;  alone, afraid, unsure.  Who am I?  
     The Statue in the Mirror was a person long ago, She used to dance in foggy fields in rain that turned to snow, Her hair was burning auburn in the sun that set for night,
The number one hardest thing in life is to learn about the person you are. Society has put pressure on everyone to look and act the same. If we are all working hard to have
“Sofie get up!”My mom extends her handWith a promising gripShe helps me to standYoung and spirited I knew not the extentof how those words would become a lament
I am fearless and I am fun I wonder about my future I hear the waves giggle when they crash I see the sun smiling back at me I want success I am fearless and I am fun   I pretend I am a dentist
I am a sister and I am a child. I am a person who has been through many trials. Time after time my strength has been tested,
You ask me, If [I] were a word in the dictionary and someone flipped to [my] page, what would they find there? Essentially, what makes [me]…[me]? How did [I] become the person [I am] today?  
I am happy, Confused, Sad and plain, Racing to the top Of the highest mountain range, I battled through life, With an iron fist, Was tempted by darkness, But got sick of the twists,
I am more than just the voices in my head I can only do so much before the light turns red. I am more than just the forced smile on my face I am no longer my own disgrace. I am now the leader in my life
Through the chuckles and the laughs They taunt and they joke What they think is harmless fun It could hurt someone When it's time to go to class What makes me want to? maybe if i disappear
I am strong because I choose to be. I am strong because even though I can't put down roots in any one place, I have my family who serve as my rock.
Who am I? Compared to what I am expected to be? I have straight brown hair and light skin. I have freckles on my nose and cheeks. I hope one day I grow up like my mother. Who am I?
I am seventeen years  I am a collection of knowledge, facts, and fears I am 6,125 days I am made of the same particles as the very sun's rays I am not my final version of myself
I am from the Saturday morning cartoons and learning the difference between church dresses and play dresses.  I am from the mistakes I have made and the lessons I have learned. 
 I've been on cloud nine, I've been on rock bottom too. I've called you mine, and I've learned to be without you.   When i think of it, there's nothing I regret,
I am madness, 
I am Amanda I used to live in Atlanta  My family means everything to me And some of my friends have seemed to flee I have a crush on my best friend And I won't ever tell him until the end
 I Am ... a risk taker
What makes me me is a question that’s hard to answer, so I’ll go with the cliche
If I ever go missing before we ever meet,  Instead of telling you where I’m hiding, 
I am Paper If simplicity is beauty and bliss, complexity is just as alluring
I run my hand across the battered and worn cover,
Do you want to know what’s really hard? Try explaining what’s so funny as you’re laughing It’s like no matter how many times you say it The confused look on their face remains
I am fossilized tree resin I will protect your most delicate parts and preserve them  by holding you close to me and hugging away your pain   I am a confidante
Look at me and what do you see I used to see an ugly fat girl Now I see a strong woman I have not been broken, never destroyed I am beautiful and confident Don't take away what is mine
I felt so hurt inside I didn't know whether to live or  die never smiled because all I did was cry As I let your abusive words eat into my soul I thought how can a person be so cold ?
I am a good old-fashioned girl. I knit, bake, sew, and crochet. My habits may seem backwards, But life is much simpler that way.   I am Modern. I take Pride In the way
I used to love the summer days Her blinding eyes, her sauna smile and her laugh we'd forget every night The secrets she would whisper over flames and under stars until we'd close our eyes Hands in hands
Rocky terrain, for miles and miles, throughout our entire journey, Young animals must fight to become more dominant, Children must attain more than just happiness,
I am a truth seeker, I am a light in the darkness, I bring hope to all
I hide behind the pages of books... The author's words separating me from the world near beyond repair. 
I am strong I am dedicated lifelong I am not lazy I am sometimes looked at as crazy I am a Physical therapist in the making   I am caring I am daring I am not someone who will abandon
Though hard and fun times, there always a lesson to learn. Always remember people, who you cherish and push you. To become person, who you really are. That's why I'm always giving back to anyone who is in need.,  
‘L’ is for the way you left me, abandoning my heart leaving me to carry this emotional back pack. I was helpless, it weighed me down and like a vagabond I had nowhere to take heart-rending refuge
I am the one who will be the kindest of all just to be accepted. To be liked in a manner of friendship and recognition.  In health and in sickness, I will be there.  For I, will never give up on anything that I adore.
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