Sandra Bland

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This is for all the brothers and sisters that fell before their time. Laying on their back because of another's crime. Time to open our eyes and step out our cage.
six feet under damn what a bummer all because of their skin what was the color?   black in america, is this even a surprise 
The land of brave The land of the free The land to be. We stand here in awww as if we didn't vote for this change As if we didn't cast ballets agreeeing to the terms of this contract.
Too much is going on. Its a world full of wrongs. Can never get it right. Lift our voice,they take our life. Speak some sense , they flip the switch. Police no different from the men in the sheets.
Are we awesome? Nah, maybe were just ordindary Many of my people locked away in solitary Causing this huge diversionary How can they call themselves honorary?
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