2015 Everything is Awesome

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My computer turns on and reminds me of debt. College comes closer and interest follows after. Babysitting job doesn't pay regularly. Mother is tired. Bill notices are scattered everywhere.
They say black is the new black  Acting like they're bringing it back But lack the fact that it never left    My black have always been around  just like how we have always had crowns  
i didn’t know you were beautiful. i ignored the world you painted and the people you created and exchanged it all for what i heard you were. i set you aside for shallow satisfaction in cracked cisterns and wondered
Remember that time you fell off your bike, And the neighbor saw you and asked if you were alright? Then you proceeded to pretend you hadn't injured your rear end, And got back on your bike and started riding again.
Low Place, SC.
Awesome: An adjective that means causing or inducing awe; Inspiring an overwhelming feeling of Reverence, Admiration, Or fear. A word used as slang, A word used in abundance,
For no other reason than to reach the top, we sweat and we scramble Why we choose an exhausting excursion for a vacation - isn't the point to relax from the stress of the day to day life- I simply did not know.
Words are funny, sometimes.   It used to be that "awesome" and "awful" meant much the same thing. The kind of thing that, well--  
What to expect when things get out of hand?  You turn towards the thingn that has been there since you were brought to this land.  All living beings, the birds, the trees. Something more incredible than our life it seems.
There is beauty all around us In people young And those whom time has made old. Even in things unpleasant; They can place us on the right road. Though no path is the wrong one, Some are a better fit,
Through years of sorrow and so much pain I thought I’d never see the day When everything changed
Why do birds chirp? Why is grass green? Why don’t pigs fly? Why are people sometimes so mean?   Why is crime happening? Why are people dying? Why is money a big deal?
I want everything to be awesome, I want my loved one to be handsome, My education to be wholesome,
When I was little girl. I would often have my eyes closed. My father thought that I closed them because I was ready for a nap. My mother thought I had allergies. My brothers thought I was crazy.
It is the way the tide rumbles slowly, racing up the sand to blanket my feet. It is the way my toes submerge effortlessly, into the soft embrace of the miniscule grains.
The thoughts in my head  Become poems to be read  That can soothe a troubled mind. Awesome. My eyes, fixed on the star-riddled Galaxies of night That I might wonder and
You wanna know something about yourself? yes you, reading this poem, expecting some la dee dah. You write your own story             your own choices             your own life and you know what?
What does awesome mean to you? When you think of awesome You think of that great big success You think of acing that end-of-year test We think of celebrations and parties And being our best
The Awes of My Life sometimes I forget how awesome my life is
When I feel alone
The melody is soothing; The lyrics are moving.  The bass is booming! Music is awesome!   It helps you through times; The music has funny rhymes. The intensity climbs! Music is awesome!
We live in a world where knowledge is hated. Where the very existence of our people is constantly reminded of hatred.
They lightly tapped my forehead and told me my mind is "brilliant"
When I think of you, tears fill my eyes I often wonder why me, that you have entrusted so many gifts within  I'm sometimes so afraid to express these gifts But why? When you loved me so to give them to me
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