dogs are awesome

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I started school at the fresh age of five, a tantrum ensued when mom left me behind, an eternity passes as the day finally ends, the bus drops me off past my house ‘round the bend, mom was there with a smile to take me back home, and when we got h
When they see you, they jump with joy they say, "OH BOY!" when you are sad, they come comfort you when they are scared you comfort them dogs will always be there from here to there, to everywhere
The truest reflection of myself Is not seen through the panes of a mirror. The truest reflection of myself Is the reflection upon my dogs amber eyes.
Sprite is my dog, To whom I pour my laughter and tear. It leads me through damp fog, In the morning walks when it senses my fear.
The epitome of selflessness dogs see past imperfections. If you need them theyll be there with unlimited affection. For pooches love us more than themselves. In exhange for a loving home, for simply being treated well.
Man’s best friend, who is always by your side, Energy filled, he is eager to please. You give him love and a place to reside. Caring for your friend does not come with ease.
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