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Secluded in the corner of a dusty attic, Are things that may be best left static. Secrets left undiscovered and unknown,  Things that cannot be atoned.  Who knows what will be found?    
 years has gone the time has changed, your voice still whisperin' in my ear, every night scream out loud your name but only in my mind, people think tha im crazypeople are always asking me if im ok, the worst part is that i have to say that im ok,
I've always been a backdoor secret. A quick glance. A late night text, or a forgotten summer fling So when you came to my neighborhood, I was annoyed
I don’t know how to start To share what I feel Or how to open up my heart For you to reach out and heal   I don’t want a friend I don’t want none at all I don’t want your lending hand
I am the keeper of secrets. The one who watches as his dreams pass by and those who dreamed of him fade away. I am the one who desperately searches for any shard of normality to hold onto.
I see so many people with their closets stuffed full  Full of so many skeletons And the shelves of their heart are stacked full of skulls  Just staring Into the cold stone darkness  The void of their eyes look to the void that's deprived  Of happi
Those thoughts tucked in the back of your brainAre unconciously brought out by the hand with the mind of its ownAll dangerous, embarrassing thoughts never to be acted uponThey have a release you cannot controlCaution
Dreams Joyful Pleasant Two of us Not alone, but not watched
I listen to the wind under the trees
I've been digging a hole Way down deep Where I can take my feelings
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