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Hunter of my soul. Master of my body. Be on your way. Captured, I am not meant to stay. Break me if you must. But this bittersweet cage is unjust.
When I approach after the fact When I am the first one to make the move Either feels so forced  The air is awkward  But I wasn't taught the art of gentle  I was taught to roar  To fight 
 I love resolutions  But not just any kind  It’s not that I’m picky  But there’s one in particular  That induces beautiful heart palpitations  And the grooviest finger spasms    Don’t misunderstand  I’m not a masochist  Rather, I’d like to think o
Throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off. Give me hella head and force my legs apart. Put it in slow and then fuck my brains out. Cum and sweat all over, I shake and shout.  
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