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We rode our bikes to your front doorstep, a white walled bungalow. The red sold sign was dug in your garden and I knew that you must go.  
"It's okay my parents know a lawyer" drunk teens say as they turn up the music That's my generation Half asleep in class because he has to take 3 APs to get into his parents Alma mater, even though they'll just buy him in
                  Keep close to heart all the times that you smile, so that one day you might feel them again.   "The gentles circles of the car tire swing. The blow of the chilly breeze through her hair.
my father used to tell me i would never get anywhere in life never would he tell me that he believed i could be successful he would always exclaim
  I went bowling with my mom once. It was 10 o’clock on a Saturday night in the middle of September. I think this was the first time we’d went bowling in about 9 years, but
Guns. They have become the sleepless immortals in our country. The instrument leading to too much blood spilt. The goodbye 17 students never got to say.
Faster. My breath feels like smoke on my cheeks. Faster. I hear the sharp sound of twigs snapping underfoot, birds chipping out staccato melodies. I’m surrounded by one-hundred shades of green, trees like massive wooden
Dear brother, you're busy, So I won't talk long. I hope that my worries Are actually wrong. I don't mean to scare you, (Well, maybe I might. There certainly are things Much worse than a fright.)
There is no synonym for suicide. Drink away the pain till you see the dawn of day.Hope was just a string, but it was so thin that you couldn't see.Jack up all the drinks you took.Say goodbye to what you knew.Otherwise, you'll end up ostracized, le
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
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