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The trick to being flawless Is that you must be lawless Obey noone's expectations don't use their fixations Don't look and find what they see Understand you'll always be dreamy 
You used to sing James Blunt's song In 10th grade Lit class Now the song's painful to hear
  I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world. & I'm not the smartest. I'm slightly more emotional than other girls I may not have the fattest butt. Nor the biggest boobs.
I’m looking at a generation of girls who reject the word beautiful. Who’d rather be pinned against a wall by boys whose names they won’t remember. They don’t want to remember. Girls who are afraid of butterflies
i'm uneverything . i have been; i will be. strung out on a thin string, but no one seems to see what these differences can bring. like a sweet ocean breeze, the way the rain softly sings,
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