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Norse god a great help, Everything with his old tool, Mjolner it is! Cool!  
The happiest absolute of life to live, would be to start the work, unnamed, in death, But confused above this harsh world, I'd died a worker with the riches. That everything you wouldn't lose,
The Commute
I am me I am.... A sister, depended on and strong, caring for a brother who can't do as much as she. I am.... A student, fighting for my future; a wrong turn here and there, but trying to make it somewhere.
As I work through the indigneous fields, The work is vey hard than I can bare. As this work goes throught the poignant yields, I can feel on my body the wear and tear. As I pick through the verdant maelstrom,
i am me old, frigid..some days young.. prisoned and free. Greyed vision for me A tanned skinned for you For this is all you see.
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