too late

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La luna llena cae del cielo Con una luz intensa de relampago Pero sin sonido alguno Libre de las cadenas de la gravedad Cae Y desaparece en la oscuridad La osuridad completa
I guess I always knew you would move on I don't blame you for it,  In fact I'm happy for you. Still it hurts knowing that I haven't moved on. I know I made it seem like I never liked you as anything more than a friend, But that simply wasn't true.
Could you ever get it through your head that the love I have for you was realIt wasn't something that just magically appeared and knowing that the love I use to have for you is gone is what brings me to so many tears I can't help but to cry a pudd
"The best of us fall sometimes The strongest lose their minds  The warriors break through binds Guided like we wear blinds But the chaos is in our minds We change but not in time
She’s going to kill herself Maybe not today or tomorrow, But someday she will, Before you cry “get a hotline”, Know that we tried. We tried so much, But her heart has already died.
Here's another older one to round out the 5 for tonight :3 I'll post more tomorrow, maybe I'll even write a fresh one for you~*   Dreams boil in my chest Hot and fierce they burn my flesh
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