standing out

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Where is the life I used to have Carried in my suitcase Of neon green?   Did it dissapear down  The rabbit hole of Beige, nothing but  b e i g e.   Did it fall down the
I'm not really that ordinary, I'd like to think extraordinary, but that might be going just a bit too far. No matter what I say, though, I know the way I want to go,
I mean something important To Nobody
"Be perfect and proper!" "Be quiet and calm!" "Always stay in order!" -That's the idea put in my palm. "Why are you so loud?" "Be more like the crew!" -Forcing me to not be proud
One voice , on, one heart , one mind , but what is the purpose to believe in ones own kind to believe in theenter beauty that was given to you from above to love and cherish ones own family .
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