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When we assembleTo rememberThe days of joymoments of sorrowWhat should we talk aboutThe fortieth of timeOf freedomOf relationshipsOf broken heartsOf separated lovers
I waitedFor a callYou did promiseFrom the land of forgottenNot that you didn’t tryAmong the serpentile queuesScared facesLonging to hearWishing not to fearBetween the dreaded shadows
Did I hear you?So early eyes still shut,Leaping up from a deep slumber,Conversing so calm,Wanting to tell me,All that is unsaid, The pain in your voice,I hear with my heart.
Do you know? Many months ago, When it was still summer, Sun high and mighty, Flowers in full bloom, The foliage over the hills, Waters fresh in rivulets, Birds still chirping free,
Friday morning, Birds singing like immortality, Cold breeze playing the chorus, Freshwaters dancing in the stream, Branches of the mighty walnut tree, Fluttering on the windows,
It just took seventy daysto say HelloSeventy days to make a phone call,Days turned into weeks and monthsLost the count after all.
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