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The Seattle Skyline at Half Past Three. It never meant that much to me. The Seattle Skyline at Six'till Four. I've never wanted so much more.
This is a recorded performance at the Bite of Seattle 2017. I will type up the lyrics later.
I don't know Where I'm going Feeling lost Feeling gone Searching For hope For a path For a hand To lead me Pull me Guide me To a place To a home
Gray, I see you. So obviously blatant- glaring at me uncomfortably.   Where is the color I ask. The skies bleed your lifelessness, and my soul fills in the gap,  gushing out its inner color.
I want to move to Seattle Where it rains Where thunderstorms thrive on the dampness of wet, tear-stained cheeks I want to be just one cappuccino away from rolling back to bed
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