New Orleans

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Hands made of bronze steel braided at the knuckles with soot and rust  heels coated with a poultice of clay  night drenched skin 
What Would YOU DO ... !?! If You Were Left To DIE ... By Those Who CLAIM To ... "CHERISH Your Life" ... ?!? What Would YOU DO To Stay ALIVE ... !?!
I've heard it used to be funeral music Born in New Orleans Now it's a groove We have our deep-voiced singers And low saxophones It doesn't really make you blue But it sounds like the color
Sky Fades Away String are left to decay Trails end, rails bend Suddenly time melts away   I was on the train to New Orleans When I saw a girl that was in my dreams  
The air is sharp with winter anticipationComets with tails blazing: stage lightsHit upon the crowd, wondrousHis hair is Spanish moss thatHangs heavy from the oaks,festooned in beads and baubles
Within the turn of a page, I’m transported to 1920’s New Orleans.   Soft pastel ribbons that adorn the corn silk curls of the girls passing by catch my eye as I inhale the thick scent of burning cigars.  
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