a mark in the universe

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Clouds float high in the sky. They are the apple of my eye.   They are so far, yet so near. They are so solid, yet so clear. How fast and scattered they can change. Yet, they are never in dissarange. 
Clearing my mind, whats real whats fake, I see the sighns of heavens embrace. Your color is red my color is green, We can be blue together as two. Your color is yellow my color is pink,
you will meet people  you will make friends you will found love your friends will let you down your love gonna make you cry you gonna end up alone and when you die  no one will cry
The bones of men trinkle down through the sea of Sorrow, Misery, and Innesfree. Death and Life take turns moving a small key and Man falls before a blankless void free. Man will crumble and grow every few blinks
At the end of all things, exists the Earth, exists the universe. Humanity is gone, like we always should’ve been.   The world is green and blue,
I, Proxima Centauri,  of 424 G-cloud Nebula Road,  Centaurus Constellation City, 
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