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  God I call to you and ask for strength  Not for me  but for the families  for the students  for the friends for the teachers for the town.    Tragedy has struck an innocent soul 
Where'd you go?
I miss the sound of your voice I miss your smiling face You're so far away But soon my darling we will be together Soon I will feel your loving embrace Soon I will feel your passionate kiss
You've captured her, she's free no more. You've vanquished her, she lives no more. She's already dead but you dance on her grave like a maniac hungry for any drop of profit you may rape from her body.
Death  near my grave, Fear in my mind,
Love was in the air. You and him were the only people breathing. The world stopped for the of two of you. For your adventure seemed so endless.
Worthless is the thought of a soul that has been hurt Now forever lost
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