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The sand flows on the side of the glass Quietly and gently on the stand No one knows what it indicates Other than the fact that it represents responsibility
  She felt the pressure Of a world being taken from her Everything she knew Was disappearing
Slow like the morning sun rises The hourglass frozen Dawn passes a slow horizon
My heart beats fastAs the tears cascade downStaining my paperWith utter disappointmentFrom shattered hope.
Sand is sifting, The grains of time, tumbling Through, down to the dune of The underworld of times past. Moments descending upon us, We take no notice. Moments falling, behind and below existence,
Like a funeral in an hour glass,you wonder, how slow can time pass?Soon the sane will dissipatefulfilling the end you anticipate,but not soon enough.End? I call your bluff!This will go on forever.
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