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you relieve my sweet craving  your round and blue  but when im done with you all im left with is gum  that sweet pink chewable rubber  that my mother always told me  to never share with another 
Blow Pop Smack Blow Pop Smack Chew Chew Sigh Chew Chew Blow Pop Smack Sigh.
School was a blur, I wish it were more fun. First Period: I stepped in gum. squish, squash. Second Period: My brain on overload: numb. zzzt, peeeww.
I bought a pack of chewing gum, last Thursday at the store. And when I tried to take a piece, you fell out on the floor.  
Oh thou wretched and crusty batch of nature Thou art the epitome of vile scum You venomous and treacherous creature You who hast stolen my last piece of gum
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