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Muslim new year was on friday, Christian it was on friday, Both we cellebrate on friday, God thanks for this day.
What are you doing on Friday? Would you like to hold my hand and walk by the river? Would you like to cradle a bottle of wine and a whole box of ritz crackers?
The feeling when I walk home on a Friday at 2:00.  The bag heavy on my back but the shoes are thrown as far as they can once I get inside. The feeling when I collapse on my bed and really 
Dear Friday, Why do you never want to play? Eveytime I think about you, it's like your galaxies away I want you here and right now, Not later or in an hour Theres so many things to do,
Find you way out
We wondered through the silent pines Stepping over shrouded roots That intertwine under the earth We could too if we choose   Do you know how you move me? Do I trust those two hands?
The bare sand bears only the smell of salt Upon its desolate skin Waiting for that high of Lotionous water To breathe life to this
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