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Dear Dad,   I don't even know where to start. You're still alive, but I feel like you have been gone for a long time.   I miss who you were when you didn't drink, I hardly remember that person anymore.
You loved me like a father You cared for me like a mother You showed me love like no other.   You took me in like a son Adopted me to your own Even when I felt abandoned You never left me alone.
19   A memoir of me and a memoir of you, For them to see me and for them to see you. Legacies shine bright, but also burn fast  
11 years has passed and it has yet to become easier. Each year that passes I expect the blow of father's day to be lessened. But the opposite occurs. I get hurt more.
November 26, 2006 was the last day I got to see my father alive. How does a son suppose to cope not seeing his father around? Reality punched me in my face when I saw your casket put underground. I can feel that inevitable lump in my throat.
I was thinking of you today You taught me so much in so many ways Like how to give up and just say goodbye And then to turn "love" into "wanting-to-die" You and my mom, you had it planned out so well
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