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Am I Okay September 14, 2018 ~ Friday Kicking, screaming out for help Sneakers, gloves, here they come Running through the halls
I see the family on the table their crowns speak royalty as my hand reads numbers that stand without pair. I look around the table
I'm trapped here, I don't why, Is it for all my sins, I don't why, Did I kill someone? Was I arrested as a spy? I'm stuck on island, here forever, Should I give up? I say never!
Life is a gamble and ther are all different types of players.   I'm not hte type to place bets before the game begins.   I wait until the dice have been thrown, then play my cards from there.
If I was stranded on an island and I didn't know what to do I would grab my card and play It is something I can do everyday   Without those floppy cards I would be bored day and night
Every day Life deals us a hand
A necklace lies upon her breast
        Why is life so complicated        with people playing hearts        for diamonds and digging        gold with spades willing to        club others for their gain?
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