big city

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The rain was pelting pelting pelting everything as a young person ripped through New York streets like his feet were actually parts of a jet engine.
She was new to being a school counselor. Fresh out of school herself. She knew working in a large city like this one might be overwhelming sometimes but she never thought such tiny persons 
I remember coming of age in a pivotal time, when young black boys was trying to make a penny off their rhymes. Young poets was tryna get paid, Beyonce had girls sipping lemonade. Days passed, days came, God got it pouring purple rain.
Oh bring me to life the magic of thine. Temptations round corners as trouble brews City of lights how wonderful divine! With night creeping forward, the day brings new
Tall buildings litter the streets As I walk I look up and say “Wow, you know what these buildings remind me of?” I look to my side and realize I am walking alone
outside a man in a suit whistles    Briefcase set on sunbaked sidewalks  
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