Poems from just_another_sob_story

Though I hope people can find a little bit of themselves reading my pieces, I just want to clarify that I write to express myself and my poetry isn’t here for anyone’s sake but my own. (j.a.s.s)
Lately I feel like a bird in a cramped cage watching the ones around me be free Or perhaps I’m a bud picked too soon Lying forgotten and...
It's 3am and here I am not for the first time, staring at my ceiling with nothing but you on my mind.   (j.a.s.s)
People shouldn’t fear dying,   they should fear not living while they’re alive. They should live in the moment,   live simple yet...
i don't know what i want to say but i know i want to talk about it and it's tearing me up inside.   (j.a.s.s)
someone please explain what's going on inside my brain  give me a reason to why I'm so lonely surrounded by pools of people