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I am from a small city in Texas, high school senior, scorpio. Follow my tumblr! Stereotypical-Scorpio!
This year was hetic Unbelievable Astonishing Full of new vocabulary 12th grade year Is a waste of time Apply and Apply for more school for...
The words That come Out of My mouth Are bullshit It's true I know I'm sorry Forgive me For I Have sinned
What do I do He's here He's gone A friend of olden time; The loss Is great. Goodbye dear friend.  
I'm screaming He's here He's there He's everywhere I can't get rid of him No matter what I do I've tried killing him It just won't do...
I'm ambititous as a lion Nocturnal as a wolf Determined as a snake And resourceful as a cat Exquisite as a leopard and atypical as a...