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I think I am the best, so I'm not too sure what else I could say to the metaphorical you I am addressing. I love reading, writing, arguing, drawing, helping people learn new trades, volunteering, school (hold your tomatoes), Netflix binge sessions, video games, and writing lyrics/listening/composing music. Wow, every time I try to list everything I like, I can't help but feel like an excellent person. In all seriousness though, I was in an emotionally abrasive and controlling situation that caused a lot of anxiety/social handicaps. I realized that I could funnel my bad feelings into different arts and school, so that is what I do now! I totally paint my own shoes as well. I am currently wearing my C3-PO and Boba Fett shoes. Tardis Tuesday's are a thing, of course.
We won’t blink when we see a stone face and we all embrace the chill Though even if our eyes drifted into space, we know the unseeing face...