Poems from Marissa shook

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I am a quirky person. I have many passions. however, my emotions tend to get in the way of things. some day I might even learn to use the hurricane inside my soul to fuel the fire of passion that drives me. so thanks for reading my poems. I am not very good at the spelling or the grammar. however writing makes me feel better. I am currently using this poetry to help me work through the death of my best friend. I am really struggling with the loss. I do apologize for her being the center of all my poetry. however if you are trying to work through a loss I would really suggest writing about it. it is the only way I know how to cope. I am not a good writer. however I hope you like some of my poems.
Listen Open your ears and listen Really listen Can you hear it? The ocean An airplane Wind in the trees A fly A bee Open year ears and...