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Hi. I'm seventeen and I'm a sophomore. I know this will be a bit bland but I write like I talk cuz that's just how I roll. I used to read poetry and I didn't think I could write it but then I read the book "Every Last Word" by Tamara Ireland Stone and it inspired me to write poetry. I get my inspiration from everywhere but it seems like I get it mostly when I'm...feeling...very strongly. I love to read. And I love to write and plat music. I write stories not just poetry and I want to be a psychologist/clinical mental health counsellor/maybe electrician. I can draw pretty good but most of the time when I'm feeling creative it comes out as words not images. I don't really know how to translate my feelings to pictures. Words are more my style. Hehe. I hope you enjoy my poems:)
How funny it is, when all the problems you try to hide end up getting brought to light. when the person you expect to be thinking of  isn't...