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I'm my own person. I write poetry as well as songs. Poetry and song writing are how I express myself because it's easier to put the pen to paper and write than it is to speak in front of anyone. I like to sing, draw, write poetry and music, dance, act, swim, and play football with my friends. I draw my inspiration from real life events around me. If you would like to kik me about my poetry my kik is darkfallenangell. Or my email is cheykaywhite@gmail.com. contact me when ever you feel like it or leave a message with my email if you want my number thanks!
May it be left to me May it be left to you May it be left to us May it be the two of us. May it be us two plus 2 more. May it be us plus 5...
Edgar Allan Poe Demented, Tortured  He captivated audiences with His remarkable poetry and verse. His opponent Captivated audiences with...
Edgar Allan Poe is my inspiration for the majority of my poems. Dismal beginings grew into something much better. Garish ways got him in...
Smile such a small word. So simple yet more than one way to know it.
The past is gone. It will never come back again. Leave the past alone