The Zombie Apocalypse (School Edition)

At my school where I sit concealed, starving zombies look to devour a meal.  

Some like bones and some like brains, but I on the other hand love to play games.

Where in the gym that I run, I’ve brought along a box of matches, tank of fuel, ammo, and gun.

Not only that, but I carry a prize, something I may use to gouge out one’s eyes.

A syringe perhaps, with a certain type of medicine

something I’ve created to cease all adrenaline.

The zombies among me think they can win

but I will defeat them with among my face, a huge grin.

My math teacher’s a maniac, the lunch ladies are brainiacs,

my best friend a hoot, but I’m not afraid to shoot.

I love her to death but I love my life more,

for now is the time that my ingenious will soar.

If they try to approach me, I’ll make them regret it

for I will fight back, in which they’ll have to submit,

A debt will be paid, I’ll prove everyone wrong.

I could run like a coward or stand up and fight,

zombies don’t scare me, they’re simply a silly freight.

For now I have a powerful tool,

A remedy, per se, that can go against all odds,

Zombies will vanquish, they’ll forever be gone.

With this medicine and syringe, I’ll rid of this specie.

With my matches and fuel, I’ll ignite a fire,

at this school, no longer will exist a zombie empire.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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