Zeus, The Giant, The King

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 10:31 -- EmmaR

The giant awakes 

His empire calls

From his glass castle in the sky

A million feet tall


With mighty, heavy step

The king descends from his chamber

Down the twisting, winding staircase he twirls

Creating his famous clamor


“No time to eat now,”

He bellows,

As if he’s immortal

Servants fall behind and stare

As he exits through the portal


Into his waiting limousine

The giant heavily sinks

The driver starts the engine 

And gives the muscular king a wink


Soon the chariot halts at a building,

Massive, shiny, and impressive 

The words “Worldwide Weather Inc.”

Are somewhat suggestive


The giant unfolds himself 

From his glossy black chariot 

He breathes success in deeply,

Scanning his hard-earned territory


The doors open instantly

When the white-bearded man walks through

Everyone stops what they’re doing

But that’s nothing new


Work resumes once he enters the elevator 

The king summons Floor 35

The stainless doors slide smoothly apart

When the box reaches his modern abide 


On his massive thick glass desk are papers,

Calls waiting to be returned,

But the all-powerful giant king

Considers these things currently absurd


He sinks into his leather chair

And begins to plan the week

Thunderstorms Tuesday through Friday

Then some lightning to flex his physique 


Zeus is his name

None can forget

The kingdom he has built

Ever expanding yet


Zeus controls the thunder,

The lighting,

The storms

So you know who to blame

When the weather exceeds the norm.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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