A poem is something I didnt think of as money

But when you think about it my words can be as sweet and cunning

So why not earn a little more, from some thoughts iv thought of before

A scholarship for my thoughts, a poem for some cash

What do I write, and so fast

Dig deep down, everyone has it in them

To think of some rhymes and type them in rhythm

But to add feeling, and meaning to a reading

That is a true poet, not just tweeting

So let me tell you now, I am no poet

Of course I can rhym, but its time 

I dont write often but why not now

I want to , I need to , I must let you know

I need this scholarship to help me grow,

i want to learn and I need to now

Business is my major, and a passion of mine

To have some help to get into the best college that would be mighty fine

So please choose me, rather my rhym isnt so nice

But business is my passion, and in this case passion comes with a price.


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It was fun to try to plug in some rhyming words and feeling. I dont ever write poems so I enjoyed the new challenge.

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